About - Sandy Nichols

Let me introduce myself ...

While I'm currently enjoying a challenging yet immensely rewarding career as an college professor, I am of the age where retirement is becoming an increasingly attractive option. As such, I find myself pondering the quality of life without work, the meaning of life without an academic title, with entire days open for "whatever," and boundless opportunity to do as I please.

In this quest to better understand life's next adventure, I realize it's important to expand my notions of purpose and meaning and embrace new ways of living life, perhaps by learning to express myself and explore the world in novel and creative ways.

Thus, I find myself today practicing for retirement with photography, an art form I find challenging yet exhilarating. It's challenging me to think in unfamiliar ways - technically and creatively - and to truly "see" the world around me.

As Dorothea Lange said, “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

The camera is, indeed, teaching me to see the world in fresh, new ways - with a deeper appreciation of the intricacy of a freshly blossomed flower, the striking stature of a bald eagle perched in a tree, the artful mystique of a Gaudi-designed urban facade in Barcelona.

With continued practice, I'm hopeful photography will be one activity that helps bring purpose and meaning to a life in retirement.